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An inclusive and collaborative web-based practice serving all Texans

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall."
Values of Rise Counseling and Coaching LLC


At Rise, I offer services in a way that reduce stress, not add to it. That's why I offer both counseling and coaching services completely online. So whether it's due to a busy schedule, transportation concerns or fatigue, you can still gain access to an online therapist and disability advocacy services that meet you where you are. 

Find a comfy, private safe space to login to your web-based services and be well on your way to feeling heard, supported in healing, and equipped to become your best self!

Every person deserves access to quality psychotherapy and disability related services.


I understand that remote therapy, whether trauma therapy or otherwise, can be a very vulnerable experience. That is why a  value of Rise is to provide authentic care. What does that really look like you ask? Well, that means at Rise we strive for genuine, caring therapeutic alliances. Your therapist will collaborate with you to address your concerns and offer you choices in your treatment and services.

Yes, your therapist will bring her knowledge and skilled training to the room. However, you can also expect trauma-informed, holistic care that focuses on providing safety, building the trust, and honoring the unique experiences and choices of each client.

A relational approach is what you'll find at 



You should never have to wait until things become unbearable to seek support. Whether you are looking for online counseling services near you or disability advocacy and coaching, we think finances shouldn't hinder your ability to find renewed hope and healing.  

Rise offers low cost sliding scale fee options for mental health services, even when seeking highly specialized treatment modalities like EMDR. Even if you are a full-fee client, our rates still keep the goal of affordability in mind. Disability Advocacy & Coaching is provided by the hour at a reasonable rate as well. This way you can focus on rising above specific advocacy or disability-related obstacles as they arise to make the most of your hard earned dollar. 

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