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Disability Advocacy & Coaching

Who Could Benefit from My Coaching Services? 

My desire to also provide coaching to families and individuals who are impacted by various disabilities came from seeing a need through my own journey navigating the world and its many systems. This service does not include counseling. My aim in this type of coaching is to provide holistic education, advocacy, and practical tools for anyone looking to support themselves, a loved one, an employee, or a friend who identifies with the disability community. I believe we all need people in our corner, and that the disability community is no different in regards to this!

Want to learn how to advocate for a person living with a disability in your life? Are you a non-profit looking for training on disability, inclusion, and accessibility in your workplace? Need help navigating the medical system on behalf of your child living with a disability? Want more informative resources for your own journey with a disability? Get practical tools, guidance, and resources for your specific needs from someone who understands the journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Coaching do you provide?

I provide disability-related or medical-related coaching to support caregivers, school students and staff, and community members in being able to sufficiently and authentically support their differently-abled loved ones, colleagues, students or friends. This includes disability education, practical tool implementation. and advocacy coaching. 

Who could benefit from Coaching? 

Anyone and Everyone! With nearly 1 in 6 children being born differently abled the chances are you know someone who struggles to have equality, inclusion and equity in their various environments. Whether you want a bird's eye view of life with a disability, practical tools to support your loved ones, or you want to create more equity and inclusion in your workplace,  coaching can be as tailored to your goals as needed.

How does pricing work? 

My coaching sessions are $50/hour for individuals. Group pricing is available upon request for schools, churches, and community groups. 

How does counseling and coaching differ? 

When providing disability advocacy and coaching services, I am not in the room as an LPC-Associate. Instead, I come to you as an individual living with a disability myself, and I provide support and resources as you navigate your unique experiences. If I feel you may benefit from counseling services I will refer you for those services within our company and you will be seen at a separate hour for that.

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