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Counseling Services

There are a lot of different options out there to find help, but not all are as attentive to your unique needs and experiences. My goal when providing services is always to build a safe, trusting relationship so that we can work together to achieve your biggest mental health goals. You deserve someone who not only listens to understand, but also challenges you and infuses appropriate humor to lighten the load as well. 

The Value of Individualized Counseling

We are better together, and the therapeutic process is no different! My aim is to provide a safe, collaborative, and inclusive virtual therapy space for you to begin,or continue, your healing journey. Everyone can benefit from counseling treatment that is tailored to your specific goals and with your individual needs/accommodations in mind. With a lot of mental health options out there these days, you deserve access to quality mental health care that takes into consideration your schedule, your access to transportation, and understands your unique financial circumstances. Web-based services gets rid of many of the barriers that you traditionally find in an in-person setting, while maintaining the access and warmth of a caring clinician.

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