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Trauma Counseling 

Just like it can take time to heal from a broken bone, it can take time and patience to recover from a traumatic event or series of events. However, with the right therapist and approach, trauma recovery is not just possible, but attainable! Though the scars from a traumatic experience can be physical, trauma is unique in that it leave emotional and psychological scars too. This can often leave you feeling unsure of yourself, scared to face the past, and stuck in a cycle of symptoms including anxiety, depression, insomnia, and emotional distress- just to name a few.

My goal in providing trauma therapy is to work with you to help regulate your nervous system, help you identify and heal from trauma related memories/symptoms, and return to feeling safe and hopeful about your future! Each client requires a unique treatment plan for healing. However,  trauma treatment often consists of building emotional and physical safety, increasing coping skills and trauma education, identifying core issues (thoughts, beliefs, etc), processing experiences, and developing a preventative plan to help the client utilize what is reasonably within their control to prevent future traumatic situations. 

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