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Who Can Benefit From
My Counseling Services?

There are a lot of mental health options out there these days and I want you to find the person who is just right for you. If you have a child who is struggling with life as a person with a disability, school stress, or has experienced any kind of trauma, I would be honored to come alongside them in their healing. If you yourself need support with healing from a medical or personal trauma, or just need some extra help navigating life's obstacles let's work together so that you can feel peace, safety, and the joys of life again! You deserve to have someone in your corner who is supportive, empathetic, and willing to listen and act. All you need to do is come willing to give counseling a chance and I promise to give you an inclusive, attentive, and collaborative experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Trauma? How do I know I've experienced it?  Trauma in one sense is self-defined. Meaning that what is considered traumatic to you may not be considered trauma to another family. However, the typical therapeutic definition of trauma is: witnessing or personally experiencing "actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence”* this injury includes physical, sexual, and psychological injuries. 

*This definition comes from the DSM-5

What children's issues have you seen most often? 

I've worked with children from blended families, those who have been witness to domestic violence, who are struggling academically and/or with self-esteem, and those who live with a physical or mental disability the most often. 

What adult issues have you seen most often? 

I have worked mostly with adults who have experienced some type of prolonged stress or trauma--anywhere from domestic violence to chronic low-income struggles to the sudden loss of a loved one. I also have experience with those who are working to overcome anxiety, depression, grief, coronavirus complications, and low self-esteem. 

How does pricing work? 

My hourly rate is $70/ session. However, for those who show a need for a lower price, a certain percentage of my clients are sliding scale and pay anywhere between $30-70/session.  Contact me by phone, email, or my "Let's Work Together" page to learn more about my openings and pricing today! 

How many sessions do people usually book?

It depends on what works for you! While most people come weekly, some come every other week. We will discuss what fits best for you during the quick introductory call after you reach out. 

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