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Available Services


In need of an empathetic and supportive therapuetic experience after a  medical, personal, or sexual trauma? Overwhelmed by grief or stress- just to name a few? Have a child who is in need of a listening ear? Dealing with LGBTQIA+ related issues? I'm here to help you navigate your mental health concerns. Head on over to the "Counseling" drop down page to learn more and see frequently asked questions. 

*Coming Soon*


Want to learn how to advocate for a person living with a disability in your life? Need help navigating the medical system on behalf of your child, friend or colleague living with a disability? Get practical tools, guidance, and resources for your specific needs from someone who understands the journey.

Reach out via email or click the button below! 

Want to Connect?

If you like what you see, head on over to my "Let's Work Together" Page and fill out the contact form to get started right away! 

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